V/A: DRAMATIC FUNK THEMES VOL. 4 - Action, Tension & Drama Rhythms 1972-1982

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Dieter Reith + Tender Aggression - Die Kette (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Oops, I did it again... Out now for the very first time as a complete Soundtrack to the Francis Durbridge TV Thriller DIE KETTE from 1977/1978!!! This album combines the sought after 'Die Kette' 7'' and the Dieter Reith album 'Love And Fantasy'.
Crime driven, blaxploitating discoid jazz funk fusion soundtracks at its best!

The album is available as digital download, DigiPak CD and LP. There is also a limited LP edition in purple!!!

Grab the album here with a special bonus - a DIN A3 poster of DIE KETTE not included in the standard LP.



Edition Panther & Co E-ST-1001 - Orchester Peter Herbolzheimer
(Peter Herbolzheimer, early 70ies)

MOST SOUGHT AFTER jazz funk killer from Peter Herbolzheimer! SUPER RARE and full of DUSTY FINGERS styled tracks!!! Vinyl in perfect shape, cover is near mint, except the rest of the little sticker you see on the scan... Check the soundclip!

sleeve: VG+ / vinyl: NM

Media Music MEHS-8 - Release No. 8 -  Adventure In Rhythm
(Neil Amsterdam, 197?)

Just unsealed and played once! Jazzy feeling overall! Great groovy percussion and drum tracks with fabulous basslines, nice rhodes and lots of atmosphere! Check the soundclip!

sleeve: NM / vinyl: NM

Media Music The Professional - Number 2 - Headline Themes
(Jack Mayborn, 197?)

This is the same album as the sought after Media Music 'Headline Disco' album with the killer track 'Disco people'. Listen to the soundclip, this album contains lots of cool disco stuff!

sleeve: NM / vinyl: NM

Media Music The Professional - Number 21 - Winner's Circle
(Tom Elliot, 197?)

WOW! This album contains two super crazy funky disco tracks - two of the very best of Tom Elliots stuff! Plus plenty of other cool stuff! In my eyes totally underrated! Listen!

sleeve: VG / vinyl: EX

Tele Music TM 3069 - Hot Time
(Jean Schultheis, 1976)

Psychedelic cosmic killer funk tracks! Totally underrated!!! Listen!

sleeve: EX / vinyl: NM

Parry Music Library PML 97 - Fusions
(Robert Fisher, 1984)

Surprisingly cool soulful jazz with jazzy grooves, laid back rhodes stuff, percussion breaks and some dusty fingers moments... Check the soundclip!

sleeve: NM / vinyl: EX

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Media Music The Professional MMSE-1 - Number 22 - Multi Images 
(Roger Webb, 1977)

Here we do have a real diamond among the American Media Music library series. This album here is the same album as the first release of the Media Music Special Edition with the name Today's Deluxe Sound! The recording is from 1977 and it shows Roger Webb from his best side: Mad synth driven funkateers, fat drums, dramatic themes and solid jazz groovers! One of the best from Roger Webb. Check the soundclip! Get the album here!

sleeve: NM / vinyl: NM

Parry Music Library PML 08 - Brass Colours
(Johnny Hawksworth, Paul Zaza, Bob Ascroft, 1978)

Big Band grooves unlimited! Funky jazzy pop rhythms from the creme de la creme of Parry Music Library composers... Incl. 'The Swagger'!

sleeve: NM / vinyl: NM

Spaced Out Disco & Funkified Electronic Themes [1973-1983]

On this current volume you get 17 more spacey grooves (the CD contains 18 tracks) originating from diverse library labels from Germany, France, the UK and the USA. ‘Unreleased’ means that none of these tracks have been commercially available to the public but only on library LPs, pressed in limited quantities for the sample purposes of production houses for use in backgrounds of radio, television, film and advertising.

The foundation of all the tracks compiled on this album, are warm analogue synthesizer sounds illustrating the endlessness of space. Futuristic at the time they were recorded, still sounding up-to-date, these groovy tunes make a perfect crossover between funk, disco and electronic music! With the 80ies retro wave, some cosmic future grooves, may find a new platform in contemporary hip electronic clubs… These banging drums and killer grooves will make you dance, dance, dance!

In the mastering process of this album, I laid the focus on giving the tracks enough air and dynamic range. I didn’t want this album to sound like the usual productions nowadays where everything is compressed and limited to death… I spent hours on bringing the sound to perfection! 14 out of 18 tracks have been ripped from my own vinyl copies as they didn’t exist in the digital world before. I hope you appreciate all the blood, sweat and tears I put into the production of this album!

The LP comes in a limited edition in beautiful BLUE VINYL!!! The LP contains also an inlay, where all the original library cover artworks are shown and indicate where the compiled songs have been taken from and provide each tune with its original title description. Enjoy!
The full tracklist and more specific infos you find HERE

Side A:

Side B:

Mint (Sealed!)
LP: 15€ / CD: 12€

Coloursound CS 14 - Reflective Moods
(Milan Pilar, Florian Voelxen, 1981)

Electronic Killer tunes from beginning to end! In my opinion one of the best Coloursound Library releases! The album features two great cosmic disco tunes and a more laid back space banger with a similar theme. The rest of the album is dark synth electronic but at the same time very melodic sounding - sometimes reminding me of early Vangelis songs. Crazy synths and endless sample stuff!
NOTE that the cover scan and soundclip don't originate from the actual LP for sale. This one here for sale  is near mint!

sleeve: NM / vinyl: NM

New Southern Library NSL 1006 - Mainly Bass
(Dave Richmond, 1983)

Programmed drum machines in combination with the fat fretless bass of Dave Richmond! Totally unique! Awesome cosmic beats, a slow motion dusty fingers styled killer plus bass sample fodder for tons of tracks...

sleeve: EX / vinyl: EX

Sonoton SON 145 - Contemporary Theme Sets - Action, Tension, Documentary And Romance
(Milan Pilar, Mac Prindy, 1981)

A true blaxploitation feel on this masterpiece Sonoton library release! Some great cosmic disco funk and dramatic grooves & breaks all over!
Note: The soundclip doesn't originate from the actual LP for sale! This LP for sale is in even better conditon!

sleeve: NM / vinyl: NM

Media Music Special Edition No. 3 - Pulse Of The Cities
(Roger Webb, 1977)

One of the top best kept secrets! Roger Webb presents super funk grooves like hell on this mega rare American library! Wah-Wah guitars, clavinets, warm synthies, deep bass-lines and fat drums all the way! Mostly dramatic sounding this is a masterpiece from Roger Webb, you shouldn't miss!

sleeve: EX  / vinyl: VG+

V/A: Dramatic Funk Themes Vol. 3
Roaring Rare Grooves, Action & Detective Breaks 1972-1983
(show up records, 2011)

Oops, I did it again… Here we are with ‘Dramatic Funk Themes Vol. 3’! In 2008 I started the series with big funk scores from the British Themes International Music Library repertoire only. The follower featured various British music libraries such as KPM, Music De Wolfe, Bruton or Josef Weinberger. On Volume 3 the focus turned to a more global view on library music and presents 20 (vinyl: 18) previously unreleased pearls originating from Germany, France, UK and the USA. Available on CD + LP.

The library gems from this album originate from the following library labels: Conroy, Golden Ring Records, Hudson Music, KPM Music, Music De Wolfe, Omnimusic, Patchwork, Peer International Library, Robert Hall Productions, Selected Sound, Studio One and UBM Record.

Both CD and LP include infos on all original library albums these songs were taken from plus the original cover artworks.

Mint / Mint (sealed!)

Soundclip A:

Soundclip B:

 V/A: Cosmic Future Groove Vol. 1
Spaced Out Disco & Funkified Electronic Themes 1975-1987 (CD/LP)
- 16 Unreleased Library Gems -

LP Tracklist + additional infoCD Tracklist

Mint / Mint (sealed)
10€ (CD) / SOLD OUT (LP)

Side A

Side B

V/A: Dramatic Funk Themes Vol. 2
Thrilling Rare Grooves from UK's Leading Music Libraries 1970-1980 (CD/LP)

LP Tracklist + additional infoCD Tracklist + additional info

Mint / Mint (sealed)
10€ (CD) / SOLD OUT (LP)

V/A: Dramatic Funk Themes Vol. 1
British Rare Grooves from the THEMES INTERNATIONAL MUSIC Library 1973-1976 (DigiPak CD/2LP)

LP Tracklist + additional info / CD Tracklist + additional info

Mint / Mint (sealed)
10€ (CD) / SOLD OUT (2LP)