Spaced Out Disco & Funkified Electronic Themes [1973-1983]

On this current volume you get 17 more spacey grooves (the CD contains 18 tracks) originating from diverse library labels from Germany, France, the UK and the USA. ‘Unreleased’ means that none of these tracks have been commercially available to the public but only on library LPs, pressed in limited quantities for the sample purposes of production houses for use in backgrounds of radio, television, film and advertising.

The foundation of all the tracks compiled on this album, are warm analogue synthesizer sounds illustrating the endlessness of space. Futuristic at the time they were recorded, still sounding up-to-date, these groovy tunes make a perfect crossover between funk, disco and electronic music! With the 80ies retro wave, some cosmic future grooves, may find a new platform in contemporary hip electronic clubs… These banging drums and killer grooves will make you dance, dance, dance!

In the mastering process of this album, I laid the focus on giving the tracks enough air and dynamic range. I didn’t want this album to sound like the usual productions nowadays where everything is compressed and limited to death… I spent hours on bringing the sound to perfection! 14 out of 18 tracks have been ripped from my own vinyl copies as they didn’t exist in the digital world before. I hope you appreciate all the blood, sweat and tears I put into the production of this album!

The LP comes in a limited edition in beautiful BLUE VINYL!!! The LP contains also an inlay, where all the original library cover artworks are shown and indicate where the compiled songs have been taken from and provide each tune with its original title description. Enjoy!
The full tracklist and more specific infos you find HERE

Side A:

Side B:

Mint (Sealed!)
LP: 15€ / CD: 12€

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